At nine o’clock on the evening of the eighth day of the eighth month of the year 1839, eight earnest young men, all students at Miami University, held the first meeting of Beta Theta Pi in the Hall of the Union Literary Society, an upper room in the old college building known as “Old Main”.
— Beta Theta Pi Founders Paragraph

The History of our chapter dates back to August 9th, 1841 when the Gamma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was founded at Western Reserve University in Hudson, Ohio; later relocating to Cleveland, Ohio in 1882. Due to the Closure of the The University of Cincinnati chapter in the mid-1800's, the Western Reserve chapter took the Beta chapter designation as their own. The Beta Beta resided on the corner of Bellflower and Ford Avenue. The Western Reserve chapter is recognized with holding the first Inter-fraternal event in the history of Greek Life.  

Later in 1905, The Lambda Kappa Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was formed across the street from Western Reserve at the Case Institute of Applied Science. The chapter was created from a local fraternity, the Lyme Kill Club, petitioning  to become as chapter of Beta Theta Pi. The LK Beta house was originally at the corner of Euclid Avenue and Cornell Avenue and later relocated to Murray Hill Road; where the chapter currently resides today.

In 1967, CIT and Western Reserve merged to form what is now Case Western Reserve University. After the merger, both the Lambda Kappa and Beta chapters chose to operate independently on the same campus for over a decade with limited interaction from one another. At the national convention of 1979 it was decided that both chapters would become one and on September 5th the Lambda Kappa-Beta chapter was formed and is still in operation to this day.

We as a chapter value our history that dates back almost to the founding of the fraternity itself in 1839; upholding the Lambda Kappa, Beta, and LK-B alumni and traditions as our own.